Emotion Cards


Does your child have a lot of emotions and you don’t know how to make them talk about it? These Emotional Intelligence or EQ Cards might help them express how they feel.

These EQ Cards is for everyone who wants to grow in their emotional literacy, self-awareness, and empathy.

Numerous researches all over the world point out that our children’s success doesn’t just depend on how good they are academically but also emotionally. Today, EQ and not just IQ determine our kids’ future. We need our kids to be emotionally smart and not just academically smart.

Through the consistent use of these EQ Cards, children will practice naming their emotions (i.e., emotional literacy) and eventually to become more comfortable with them. As a result, family members learn to empathize with one another because it gives them a chance to listen, open up, and connect with each other.

The more quality relationships our children build, the more successful they will be holistically.

Without a doubt, empathy is a big factor in becoming an emotionally intelligent person. Indeed, emotional literacy is the key to unlocking empathy and through it, emotional intelligence is cultivated.

Our hope is for thousands of families to get this kind of simple conversational tool and make a positive difference in their lives and their children’s relationships.


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