Parenting Tips During Pandemic

Are you stressed and overwhelmed? Your feelings are valid, that is normal.

Here are some ideas to ease you in your parenting these trying times.

Know that you are not alone.
Almost everyone has the same feelings. Find another person to whom you can share your feelings. It is also a chance to listen to your chosen buddy.

Take a Break
We don’t need to be productive all the time. A break is necessary in order to reset things. When your kids are asleep, do something for yourself. It’s your ‘ME’ time. You deserve it! You can make a list of your goals, watch your favorite series or dramas, or take an online class.

Switch Off the Phone or Television
If gadgets or social media are taking a toll on your mental health, take a pause and redirect your energy to something more fun.
You can ask your little one to help you do the chores together.
You can dance or sing with kids.
You can draw, read books, and look at pictures.

Just remember that in this time, we can do a lot to connect with ourselves and our kids. Be gentle on yourself. <3

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