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Benefits of Doidy Cup

Thinking about moving your little one to a cup?

Doidy Cup is a training cup, by Bickiepegs, that has a unique slanted open designed to easily teach infants to drink from the rim rather than from a spout or a teated bottle. It aims to assist hand and eye coordination to the mouth, and placing it back on the table.

There are many benefits of using Doidy Cup rather than just the normal cups in the market. One of which is because of its slant design, it is not hard for babies to get a hang of using the Doidy Cup. You do not need to worry as well about overfeeding since you will be able to see the content of the cup, it will help a lot in regulating the flow.

Health Professionals also recommend Doidy Cup as it prevents long term heath problems that are caused by delayed weaning that includes tooth decay, poor feeding technique speech problems and more.

Doidy Cup is sterilizer-safe, dishwasher proof (top shelf), freezer proof and hygienic. It has a capacity of 200ml. It is manufactured in the U.K. and does NOT contain Bisphenol, Phthalates or PVC and is 100% recyclable.

How to start the weaning process?

A small amount of liquid and holding the cup at the bottom would be best upon introducing the cup to your baby. Just place the rim on the lower lip of your baby and allow him/her to take as she wants.

Remember, having spillage is the only way your baby will learn.

The recommended age to introduce open cups is at 6 months of age. However, you may start introducing Doidy Cup to your baby as early as 3 months old

Moreover, Doidy Cup also best for older children and adults with special needs.

With all that said, Doidy Cup is still not being sold here in the Philippines, so rather than ordering all the way from the UK, we now bring them to you, only here at Baby Closet PH.

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